Greetings and thanks for stopping by! It is with some seriously mixed emotions that I bring this blog post to you, as this post is the culmination of a failed business and nearly two years of heart-felt labor. tl;dr I tried starting a company entitled Web Sight, worked on it… Continue Reading Web Sight Community Edition – Enterprise Attack Surface Enumeration

EHLO again! I had the pleasure of speaking at QCon NYC last week and I must say it was a pretty damn good conference. Unlike most of the conferences I’ve spoken at, this one was a developer conference. For anyone that likes speaking on security-related topics, I can’t recommend speaking at… Continue Reading Addressing Security Regression Through Unit Testing – Part 1

I had the pleasure of speaking at HushCon East this past weekend. For anyone that hasn’t attended before, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Quality people, great venue, interesting talks – everything you could want from a hacker con. The talk that I gave was entitled Cloudstone – Sharpening Your Weapons Through… Continue Reading Cloudstone – Sharpening Your Weapons Through Big Data

Hello again ladies and gentlemen! My apologies for the delay in bringing this next installment of the Ghostbin’s Guts series to you – these past few months have been hectic. From quitting my job to trying to start a company to finding contract work to keep myself afloat, I’ve been… Continue Reading Ghost Got Secrets – Ghostbin’s Guts Part 2

I’m a fan of services that allow you to post and share random text with random people. There are a plethora of them out there (,,, etc), and they all come with their own pros and cons. One of my favorites is Ghostbin partly due to its ease of… Continue Reading Ghost Got Secrets – Ghostbin’s Guts Part 1

Hello and welcome to the first installment of Pwnage Per Port! Today we will be discussing the oh-so-important SSH service which runs (most commonly) on TCP port 22. History Back in the early days of computing there was a little something called ARPANET, which was the predecessor of the Internet.… Continue Reading Pwnage Per Port – 22/open/tcp